Program - 6th Web as Corpus Workshop

6th Web as Corpus Workshop


 Session 1:
8:30Start, introduction
8:40NoWaC: a large web-based corpus for Norwegian
Emiliano Raul Guevara
9:05Building a Korean Web Corpus for Analyzing Learner Language
Markus Dickinson, Ross Israel and Sun-Hee Lee
9:30Invited talk by Patrick Pantel
10:30Coffee break
 Session 2:
11:00Sketching Techniques for Large Scale NLP
Amit Goyal, Jagadeesh Jagaralamudi, Hal Daumé III and Suresh Venkatasubramanian
11:25Building Webcorpora of Academic Prose with BootCaT
George Dillon
11:50Google Web 1T 5-Grams Made Easy (but not for the computer)
Stefan Evert
12:15Closing session


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